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A department of Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center

SBL Professional Practice Model

Nursing Philosophy

As professional nurses, we are exceptional advocates, team members and nursing practice leaders. We create a safe, healing environment and embrace a culture of teamwork, professionalism and nursing excellence.

Nursing Roles

  • Critical Thinker: We use systematic, logical thinking with openness to question and reflect when making all clinical decisions to ensure safe nursing practice and quality care.
  • Advocate: We protect, support and promote the health, safety and rights of our patients, families, communities and the healthcare team.
  • Communicator: We interact, connect and engage patients, families and team members through our words and actions to ensure all aspects of healthcare delivery are understood.
  • Listener: We are attentive to the voice of patients, families and team members and seek to understand the influences that impact their perspectives, preferences, concerns and needs.
  • Caregiver: We embrace our patients, families and communities holistically considering multiple aspects of the individual mind, body and spirit.

Nursing Values

  • Compassion: We provide empathetic care to all through comforting, healing and being present in every interaction.
  • Teamwork: We respectfully collaborate with the healthcare team, patient and family to ensure exceptional outcomes.
  • Trust: We develop meaningful relationships with the healthcare team, patients and families through mutual trust and open, honest interactions.
  • Professionalism: We embrace professional standards, practice to the fullest extent of licensure, influence legislative policy, practice by evidence-based standards and participate in generating new knowledge.