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A department of Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center

SBL Nursing Model

The Model

The foundation of our nursing practice is the Nursing Philosophy, which encompasses the entire professional practice model.

  • Sarah’s Hands: Sarah’s Hands represent the roles nurses perform to create a safe, healing environment at Sarah Bush Lincoln.
  • Sarah’s Heart: Sarah’s Heart represents the compassion and trust our nurses embrace while caring for our patients, families and community. The nursing values of teamwork and professionalism support Sarah’s Hands throughout the delivery of care.
  • Trusted Compassionate Care: “Trusted Compassionate Care” is the core statement that defines our culture of caring at Sarah Bush Lincoln. Nursing practice incorporates this into every interaction, every patient, every time.
  • Nursing Environment: Sarah Bush Lincoln creates a supportive environment in which nurses work. It includes professional nursing governance, professional development and recognition.
  • ​Influences: Our professional practice model design is influenced by the following theories: Watson’s Theory of Caring, Benner’s Novice to Expert Theory, Duffy’s Quality Caring Theory and Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory.
  • ​Professional Nursing Governance: The Sarah Bush Lincoln professional nursing governance empowers registered nurses to share in leadership by identifying concerns and driving decisions to improve professional practice, patient care, quality and safety to strengthen our culture of excellence, while providing trusted, compassionate care to all and promoting healthy communities. The professional governance structure includes the global council and unit councils that meet regularly.
  • ​Professional Development: As a professional nurse, it is vital to pursue educational opportunities to better serve our patients and support our peers. Sarah Bush Lincoln encourages nurses to further their education and offers tuition reimbursement for staff, assists with available scholarship opportunities and provides continuing education support through online and in-person opportunities. Other professional development resources include degree advancement, philanthropic funds through the Neal Nursing Institute, Nursing Career Achievement & Recognition of Excellence program (C.A.R.E.), continuing education, and career mapping.
  • ​Recognition: Sarah Bush Lincoln recognizes its nurses with the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses, the BRAVO! President’s Award, professional certifications, celebrations and Day of Excellence events. Recognitions also include BRAVO! Applause cards, 212-degree pins, The Daily Charge, and sharing of safety stories, patient experience survey results, nursing intranet newsfeed posts and comments from patients, families, peers and leaders.